Review of Bluehost Web Hosting Services and Bluehost Coupon

We won’t hesitate to say it frankly that BlueHost is currently the best option to be choosen as your hosting company. With infinite storage space, add-on facilities, best Bluehost discount coupons, great support report it stays ahead of thers at a great margin. This is a fantastic option for the business people looking at its reliability.

bluehost coupon and review

Smart Payment System:

The days are gone whne people were getting thrilled to hear that someone is providing infinite with its features. Many claim to provide such things. However, Bluehost becomes distinguishable among them through its smart payment options. They have discount on hosting packages with $3.95 per month instead of $7.99 per month. You can use this Bluehost coupon to save $45 on 1 year hosting plan. Coupon Where its contemporaries demand bulk yearly payment, it keeps the option of monthly payment to support the small and medium scale business people.

BlueHost is User friendly

BlueHost is one of the most flexible options to deal with; no matter you are beginners or an experienced folk. Apart from this, the password features provide the users with a great security. The support centre remains always awake to solve any of your doubt. Moreover it has been keeping the option to go with your best suitable plan. It means you can shift from one plant to other at any time with a very little effort.

Satisfactory Support:

Disgusting is something when you are delaing with a problem and there is no response from someone who has promised earlier. In case of urgency it is disappointing like hell. However, you will never experience this with Bluehost. Bluehost comes with a huge number of video tutorials to deal with common issues. For the beginners it has special assist to provide.

Traffic Driving:

The most important part that Bluehost has been the favourite for the techies is because of its fantastic traffic analysis options. It provides easy options to make usage reports ready in HTML. One of the fantastic feature AWStats lets the user to witness the log information in a nice graphical chart method.

Best In terms of SEO:

Having a website has gone much beyond than something that explains about your business. Web itself has emerged as a great marketing platform. SEO has become one of the most common and crucial factor for any business. So, it’s important that your host be smart enough on this account.

Being specific about Bluehost, the marketing options have been satisfactory. It has enough information in form of useful advices in help options. You can fine-tune your SEO works through it. For the best exposure it is going to put your site to the search engines for free. It provides the mail options to make enough promotion for your site. However, the much buzzed part among all is that it provides $75 offer of free advertise with Google.

Additional Features:

Bluehost is a fantastic option that provides great flexibility. It has various shopping carts. It provides the most popular WordPress that lets you in designing your own blog, poll reports, surveys and many others. The smooth take and put building strategy makes website building like a child’s work.


As we have mentioned above, BlueHost provides you with infinite storage space and gret bandwidth that most others also do. However, it is distinguishable in terms of its payment system. Finally, Bluehost is a very good option for it’s up to the mark customer support and assists. Especially, we would recommend this for the business purposes than the blogging, or similar things. Don’t forgo to visit for more stuff about Bluehost web hosting.

Complete Review of Hostgator Web Hosting Service

HostGator is certainly the most spreaded hosting compny. The biggest strength of the company is said to be its features and we aagree with it. It provides huge memory space and bandwidth. The add-on facilities have been upto the mark as well. You can host many websites with your account. Still, some of the survey reports suggest that it needs to improve in terms of flexibility. Let’s have a look at its various aspects.

Hostgator review and coupons

Satisfactory Features:

Talking about its features, Host Gator comes with all the contemporary features one can expect from a hosting house. It has all including site maker, eCommerce assist, smooth install of your favourite apps. Coming to email features, it is simply awesome in comparison to the others. The mailing facility is latest as the users can make infinite accounts. Apart from this, its mailing system includes some of the fantastic options like catch-alls, mail forwarding, email containers, etc. However, the best part of the process is that it invades the spams like no one does. It is having a specialized spam protection program that is smart enough to keep the unnecessary stuff away from your inbox.

One of the interesting Features

Talking about some of the interesting features of HostGator; it lets the user to arrange server tasks happen spontaneously. It certainly saves a great amount of time for the users. However, talking about the above particular feature it doesn’t include script library. Anyway, these are the latest features those are almost impossible to witness with the others. On a whole, these are meant for providing users with a higher level of control over their website.

Flexible Payment Plans and upto the mark User Experience:

One of the major aspects that it has been the favourite for others is because of its smooth operating. However, its different ways demand some extra time to learn the easy methods. HostGator has the best user-interface in comparison to any other web hosting options. HostGator comes with perhaps the most numbe of hosting plans. The best part is that it has both monthly and annual payment plans. They suppost discount system also and you can save money by using Hostgator coupon for 2014 at the time of purchase. All the plans cover the global domains. It provides the users with his/her own toll-free number, special IP address.

All Round Support Options:

Talking about the support, you can definitely expect the best from this one of the leading hosting companies. The 24 x 7 helping center is obvious to be available always for you. For the better usage of the usage it has included video tutorials for some of the major apects. Apart from this, the inclusion of frequently asked questions, blog tutorials are going to make the process simpler. HostGator is always ready to receive claims regarding technical issues through email, live chat, and free phone calls always. It is certainly great to see the kind of response HostGator has been providing to deal with the claims despite being the company to host most number of sites, is simply incredible.


There are many aspects with HostGator that are available with the others as well, and it has its own lacks. Still, so many people opt for it as it is a great option for both the damn business people those are only focused for exhibiting their products, and the bloggers who want to play more with SEO tools. You can also check alternatives to Hostgator. For the beginners, HostGator is certainly the best options available, and certainly for the experienced.

Create Multiple Websites under 1 Shared-Hosting Account

When it comes to hosting websites, one simply assumes that one web hosting is applicable for only a single website. But, this isn’t always the case. People are becoming more and more online business oriented and it leads to creating and hosting websites. What if you needed two domains running at the same time under your distinctive business category? What would you do? Of course, you’re going to buy more web hosting space by paying more for two of your domains. But, that shouldn’t be the case if you know the certain methods to host two domains under one shared hosting package. Today we’re going to demonstrate this method.

shared hosting

With our method (through ZoneEdit), you can use the multiple domains under one hosting account in two ways.

  1. You can use multiple domains but only one websites (multiple domains redirecting to single website)
  2. Multiple domains with multiple websites under one shared web hosting

But, before we begin, we must sign up with ZoneEdit. No worries, it’s totally free. Create an account with ZoneEdit and let’s begin. ZoneEdit is the platform that will host your emails, DNS and domains for free. You need to forward your domain’s DNS to ZoneEdit’sservcer.

  1. Multiple Domains – Single Website

This will enable all of your domains to slingshot towards one website. Login to your Zone Edit account after you’ve signed up. Now, in the new domain platform, write down your domain name and click on “Add Zone”. After that, you’ll find two Name Servers IPs and hosts.

Open a new tab on your browser and go to your domain account panel. Find the NameServers and replace them with your ZoneEdit Name Servers that you found following the above method. Go back to ZoneEdit and click on Edit Zone. Click on Web Forward and type the Destination URL to redirect all the other domains to a single Destination URL. It’ll take at least 24 hours to operate.

  1. Multiple Domains – Multiple Websites

First, store all of your different websites under different folders in your shared hosting panel. Create a new folder and store the other websites’ files.

Now, follow the above steps until you reach the step where you need to redirect all of your domains. Click on ZoneEdit’s Edit Zone. Now, click on Web Forward and type in the distinctive destination of each of your destination URLs.

You can add as many websites as you want but you’ve to check on the usage limit of your shared web hosting account. Also, ZoneEdit only allow 5 domains to be added to a single free account.