DreamHost Web Hosting Review including Dreamhost Coupons

DreamHost had been on for service for a long while now; since 1996 this team of geeks has been providing web hosting services for another group of web hosting geeks. Entrepreneurs and web developers who are intending to kick start their online businesses or just simple websites are the target customer for DreamHost – it is basically geeks for geeks deal. The hosting services provided by DreamHost are pretty satisfactory, it is fast and reliable and affordable with the help of Dream host coupons. On the cons part, the customer service is a bit slower but that’s not a major drawback as you will get service which might be little late. If all you need is a trustworthy hosting service, you have to consider DreamHost.

Looking Back: The Company’s Kick-Off

Like many other tech giants, this company is located at California, USA. Back in 1996 the idea of a web hosting company was originate by a group of graduates from Harvey Mudd College naming Josh Jones, Dallas Bethune, Michael Rodriguez and Sage Weil. However, the company DreamHost is now operating under a company named New Dream Network, LLC. DreamHost has three data centers and they are located at places like Downtown Los Angeles, Virginia and Irvine in California.

Plans and Costs

Both shared and dedicated hosting services are offered by DreamHost web hosting services. They even have a dedicated WordPress package called DreamPress service. It is intended for people who are specially looking a hosting package to host a WordPress based website.

The shared hosting packages start from $8.95 per month and they basically offer all unlimited features like disk storage, domains, monthly bandwidth, email accounts, MySQL5 databases etc. The shared hosting service is Debian Linux OS based.

Cost of VPS plans vary from $15 to $200 and there are unlimited features with few additional options. The disk storage space is unlimited plus there is 50 GB backup space, the bandwidth is unlimited, users can avail as much RAM space as they want and this plan is also Debian Linux based.

When it comes to Dedicated Hosting Plans from DreamHost web hosting plans, we can speak of the six plans they offer. They named these plans and costs this way:

  • New Moon 2: This plan comes for $109 per month. The CPU is very basic, only desktop grade with 2 GB RAM and 500 GB storage support.
  • Half Moon 2: Comes for $129/month. Server grade CPU with the same configuration as above.
  • Half Moon 4: $139/per month. Server grade CPU with 4 GB RAM and unchanged storage space.
  • Blue Moon 4: $169/month and you get a server grade CPU with 4 GB RAM and 500 GB storage and 1 RAID.
  • Blue Moon 8: For $209/month the RAM & storage space upgrades to 8 GB & 1 TB respectively.
  • Blue Moon 16: For $249/month the server grade CPU configuration is as following – 16 GB RAM, 1 TB of storage and 1 RAID.

The dedicated plans also offer all unlimited features except for the storage space.

DreamHost’s dedicated WordPress plan, DreamPress is available for $24.95 but it is offered for $19.95 as a launching price. However, the feature list includes:

  • Easy WordPress installation & configuration.
  • VPS & MySQL servers.
  • Broader support range for WordPress.
  • Easy & intuitive cPanel.
  • Users can avail backup plans if desired.
  • Wide range of themes and plugins available.


DreamHost offers very reliable service and they guarantee the website uptime. Also, the website operation is speedy as promised. At any distress email DreamHost Customer Service for help and they will get back to you usually within an hour. Overall, the performance DreamHost provided is very satisfactory.

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