Create Multiple Websites Under 1 Shared-Hosting Account

When it comes to hosting websites, one simply assumes that one web hosting is applicable for only a single website. But, this isn’t always the case. People are becoming more and more online business oriented and it leads to creating and hosting websites. What if you needed two domains running at the same time under your distinctive business category? What would you do? Of course, you’re going to buy more web hosting space by paying more for two of your domains. But, that shouldn’t be the case if you know the certain methods to host two domains under one shared hosting package. Today we’re going to demonstrate this method.

multiple websites in one hosting account


With our method (through ZoneEdit), you can use the multiple domains under one hosting account in two ways.

  1. You can use multiple domains but only one websites (multiple domains redirecting to single website)
  2. Multiple domains with multiple websites under one shared web hosting

But, before we begin, we must sign up with ZoneEdit. No worries, it’s totally free. Create an account with ZoneEdit and let’s begin. ZoneEdit is the platform that will host your emails, DNS and domains for free. You need to forward your domain’s DNS to ZoneEdit’sservcer.

  1. Multiple Domains – Single Website

This will enable all of your domains to slingshot towards one website. Login to your Zone Edit account after you’ve signed up. Now, in the new domain platform, write down your domain name and click on “Add Zone”. After that, you’ll find two Name Servers IPs and hosts.

Open a new tab on your browser and go to your domain account panel. Find the NameServers and replace them with your ZoneEdit Name Servers that you found following the above method. Go back to ZoneEdit and click on Edit Zone. Click on Web Forward and type the Destination URL to redirect all the other domains to a single Destination URL. It’ll take at least 24 hours to operate.

  1. Multiple Domains – Multiple Websites

First, store all of your different websites under different folders in your shared hosting panel. Create a new folder and store the other websites’ files.

Now, follow the above steps until you reach the step where you need to redirect all of your domains. Click on ZoneEdit’s Edit Zone. Now, click on Web Forward and type in the distinctive destination of each of your destination URLs.

You can add as many websites as you want but you’ve to check on the usage limit of your shared web hosting account. Also, ZoneEdit only allow 5 domains to be added to a single free account.

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