Benefits of Choosing SiteGround Web Hosting

SiteGround has excelled in website hosting technology; so did their way of providing quality service to their customers. They have a great volume of hardware resources to provide the service efficiently, their pricing is much lucrative and they keep the promises they make while making customers sign up for SiteGround web hosting services. Apparently, SiteGround is one of the best web hosting services to sign up for, and there is a lot of benefits people would like to know about. Here’s a few of the features SiteGround offers for their customers.



Caching is a way of providing faster website browsing experience by offering a pre-loaded version of the website to the visitor’s window, assuming there’s been no change to that webpage between the time of last update and time of caching. SuperCacher is a faster caching technology used by SiteGround combined with some more flexible features in a web hosting plan. Supercacher is a standard option with SiteGround hosting plans whereas the other companies usually ask for a paid upgrade to higher priced plan for offering such caching.

One-Click Installation Wizard for WordPress

WordPress has always been a popular CMS, but with the increasing number of websites these days, WordPress gains more popularity as well. Most people prefer WordPress instead of any other content management system when they host a website, mostly because WordPress is easy to install, easy to use and the installation isn’t complex. Installtion procedure is explained on Selectedhosting blog and very easy to do that. On SiteGround hosting, there’s practically no advanced level work required to install WordPress because there’s a readymade wizard based installer that helps SiteGround customers install WordPress by a single click.


CloudFlare CDN

Most of the SiteGround hosting plans are equipped with CloudFlare CDN. It’s a tool to improve the page loading time on visitor’s computers for the websites that are hosted on SiteGround servers. Not many hosting companies provide CloudFlare CDN as a standard option with their web hosting plans; BlueHost is one of the companies who offer this feature as a standard option even in their lower priced plans.

Guaranteed Uptime

According to the SiteGround website, the uptime had been 99.9% in the past 365 days. This is true for the most part, and even when the service was down, it wasn’t down so much to bring this percentile lower than 99%. Customers who are already using SiteGround service have provided positive feedback on the provided uptime so far.

Automatic Daily Backups

SiteGround conducts backup on their storage device every day. And in case any hardware malfunctions and the data gets erased, SiteGround restores them as well. Most other companies usually perform such automatic backups on a longer time interval, like a week or month whereas SiteGround does it every day.

Free Wizard Based Hosting Transfer

If a customer is switching from some other hosting service, SiteGround offers the option to do the necessary tasks using a one-click wizard tool, for free. Basically, this one click wizard tool transfers the files and moves the database, and does necessary tweaks with the DNS settings.

Great Pricing

Pricing for all the SiteGround plans are very reasonable. In some cases the pricing is slightly higher than standard market rates, but even those prices could be cut down to a very standard amount by availing siteground discount coupon from affiliate marketers and resellers of SiteGround hosting like SelectedHosting.


The list of benefits for SiteGround hosting is pretty long. A customer could try the SiteGround services for a month and in case it doesn’t work out, there’s always this 30-day refund policy from SiteGround.

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